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Tenant Cleaning Benefits

One of the chief concerns of many people reaching the end of their tenancy, is securing the safe return of their deposit money. When you consider the number of other factors involved, such as the safe transport of your belongings or securing a new home - it's one extra worry that most tenants could do without!

Our service is fully guaranteed – we will stay at the property as long as is needed in order to complete the job. In the very unlikely event of any areas being missed, we will come back and perform a re-clean free of charge.
Our prices are final, all inclusive of taxes, and include the provision of all the professional detergents and equipment needed for the service. The rates are suited to match every budget and type of property and to ensure that you will get the best value for money.
As a part of the service we will do deep cleaning of all kitchen appliances and make sure pay special attention to the oven. We are using the best detergents and equipment to make sure that your kitchen will be sparkling clean for your check-out.
We have provided cleaning services for private customers and agencies, both with great attention to detail, ensuring each customer's full satisfaction. We pride ourselves in the quality of our service and we are glad to state that our cleaning check-list has been approved by a number of prestigious agencies.
Our team is well trained and efficient to finish job as quickly as possible and up to the required standards. Our End of Tenancy Cleaning has no time limits so our team will stay as long as it;s needed until we make sure that you will get your full deposit back.


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